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Another throw back from my first blog site 2012:

Putting my picture next to Oprah sure does make it look like I don’t have a six figure student loan debt.  I never really take pictures of myself on stage but it did inspire me when I saw it. I kinda have that Oprah type glow…YES I DO!

I’m not sure what day it happened but I notice I don’t do the things I used to like cry every time something bad happened. I used to cry for everything like a silly little pissy sissy. LOL!  That sounds funny. I couldn’t even think in between the asthmatic type breathing and couldn’t see in between the tears.  I wanted to cry the last time I was in housing court a few years ago when my rent was late. I made myself look like I was a big girl so I didn’t get myself arrested for pissy sissy exposure. LOL!

As a result of growing up I was able to look at $169, 550.27 (if APR was a person I would try to stab him/her) and figure out what I was going to do to pay for two degrees which look real nice on my book shelf which I really need to dust off.  ACTION PLAN #1 = REAL ESTATE! My debt is worth a nice piece of property in Beverly Hills.  ACTION PLAN #2 = NETHIAHEYWARD.COM. Flippin’ & Rentin’ Property and teaching others how to DO THE DAMN THANG!

Now that I am a little bit more mature (see what happens when you stop crying) “I can see clearly now the rain is gone”, I recognize the self-defeating speaking from others.  Instead, now see the issue isn’t finding a job, it’s being able to have an income to pay bills. Now I know there are more options than “looking” for a job. I am learning how to offer myself to help others which is basically what my company does. I’ve got so much more to learn I need to stop typing and go reinvent myself…AGAIN! I need to be ready to help Oprah in case she needs some advice from me… 🙂

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