It's SHOWTIME whenever Nethia is in a room, on a stage, wherever there are people who want to learn, grow, or become more productive. The "trick" to being entertained is the fact that the mind soaks up what may feel like comedy but it's actually seamless learning. Some subject matters may be complicated to a mind that responds to a different learning style but when the learning process is a fun experience, people are more likely to take action immediately. After many years of being a stand up Comedienne, creating lesson plans, and a multitude of strategic planning hours, you are guaranteed to have passion impact session that will transform into a interactive fun fest. Nethia takes time to tailor each event to fit a focus in order to propel attendees to higher levels of awareness and personal productivity which manifests at the workplace and in ones personal life. So be prepared to play with props and be apart of the learning process.  

Participants will learn how to:
- Plan with a purpose
- Learn how to focus with desired outcomes
- Connect spiritual experience to comprehension
- Eliminate stress and enable a clear thinking process
- Put together financial plans with clear objectives
- Communicate effectively
- How to work with others in a position of leadership
- How to recognize and celebrate the growth in others